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I am a timeless attendance system

I accurately record attendance using any employee identification elements at the terminals of your workplaces, including attendance entered outside the workplace; of course, there is also non-contact attendance detection with temperature measurements of passing individuals.


I can make the entire process more efficient by planning shifts, holidays and leave for all workers. I also watch for non-approved overtime work and make it possible to request holiday time from anywhere on-line. I automatically create breaks and submit the attendance of all employees for approval.

I also allow contactless attendance, even from a mobile phone, and I can determine the exact location from which attendance was entered in the mobile application. I can monitor the confirmation and approval of changes made in attendance. I allow rounding of the beginning and the end of attendance according to the pre-set discriminant and the automatic creation of breaks with regard to the potential actual breaks.

I inform the responsible person of overtime work, weekend work, out of shift or night work and have this attendance approved. The responsible person then has the opportunity to further work with the attendance or modify it. Reports, exports, outputs are naturally available.

Case studies

The Workplace Attendance module

Thanks to the Workplace Attendance module in combination with the other modules, your workplace is safe and secure.

By combining the modules, a unique system is created for automatic management of the workplace from anywhere in the world. Workers can log in to work using mobile devices, open the gate, admit a supplier’s vehicle and take other actions without the presence of a manager, who will be informed of all on-line activities.

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Modules from the case study

For the optimum use of the Workplace Attendance module, it is recommended to have additional modules activated

By connecting the Workplace Attendance module to the Camera module, you have the possibility of monitoring the workplace and safety, for example, by marking the perimeter around a hole, with the speaker warning the worker about the risk of falling into the hole when the zone is entered. Thanks to the connection with the Catering module, you also ensure the automatic operation of the company canteen. Many of these functions can be used thanks to interconnections with other modules. We will be pleased to prepare an offer for you.

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Recommended hardware

List of all recommended components for the correct operation of the module.

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Workplace preparation

What we need to have in the workplace before starting to install a module:

  • Fixed or mobile terminal
  • RFID badge for each employee


Adam guards all our buildings and I can no longer imagine working without it. Thanks to Adam, we can control the safety of workers and the economy of all workplaces.


Adam guarded our construction site equipment during the repair of Gagarin Bridge in Český Těšín. By using Adam, we enjoyed significant savings on security services, and the system worked at 100% without problems for the entire period.

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