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I can reliably replace a gatekeeper or receptionist.

I will save you the worries and finances associated with the organisation of the movement of people in the workplace 24/7/365 and I will ensure order and compliance with your rules.



I can replace gatekeepers, secure a clear, safe workplace, manage access control, and determine who is authorised to enter or leave and under what conditions. 

I allow employees and suppliers to enter the workplace, register and record visitors, manage access to buildings and workplaces; I can control peripherals at workplaces remotely, and offer keyless door control. When vehicles enter the premises, I can recognise license plates and allow/prevent entrance. I can also export data. 

I can block and time the entrance of persons and vehicles. I can define access scenarios, trigger alarms, and monitor movement as required. I can control barriers and gates by an automatic transit system with electronic check-in before entering the building. I can control all entrances remotely. I can trace entries according to license plates, including photos from the passage; I take photos of freight and allow the weighing of vehicles. 

Case studies

Remote workplace

Different levels of access to remote workplaces is a common situation today.

In connection with the Access module, Adam manages remote workplaces with no size limits. From access barriers, which, thanks to cameras located on the body of the barrier, allow authorised vehicles only after a time-limited permit for entry, or the access of a person or vehicle.

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Modules from the case study

Additional functional modules are required for the proper operation of Entries modul.

Control of the authorisation of persons, vehicles and machines to enter the workplace is managed thanks to cooperation with the People and Vehicles modules. Other employed modules provide other activities at the workplace. Thanks to the Access module, a person has access and permission to enter the workplace and to log in to the Adam Assistance software. Both to the web interface and on the mobile phone to the Adamassistant application in Android or IOS.

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Recommended hardware

List of all recommended components for the correct operation of the module.

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Workplace preparation

What we need to have in the workplace before starting to install a module:

  • CH Cell or the company’s own container, which has an integrated terminal
  • Mobile terminal
  • Barrier
  • Turnstile
  • Gate
  • Door


Adam guards all our buildings and I can no longer imagine working without it. Thanks to Adam, we can control the safety of workers and the economy of all workplaces.


Adam guarded our construction site equipment during the repair of Gagarin Bridge in Český Těšín. By using Adam, we enjoyed significant savings on security services, and the system worked at 100% without problems for the entire period.

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