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I effectively manage your fleet.

An overview of company vehicles is important not only for workplace management, but also for the economy of individual orders. I will always provide you with a perfect overview of vehicles.


Vehicles - fleet management, an overview of what the vehicle is doing, where it is located, who is driving it, the fuel level in the tank, or what the vehicle has done on the given day.

The module monitors presence, arrivals and departures, identification by a badge or mobile, the import of vehicles; it deals with sensors, records and reports vehicle work, login in the field, and provides quick access to vehicle information.

It allows approvals and modifications of vehicle movement plans by an authorised person, shows loan history, the transfer vehicles between employees, export of protocols, data and information, statistics of work performed according to workplaces, and a list of vehicles.

Case studies

Vehicle module and its effective use

The exact economy of each vehicle in relation to consumption and the driver is allowed by a combination of individual modules.

The People module covers everything involving employees, the Warehouse module provides you with 100% control over the keys and spare parts, and the Fuel and Lubricants module also allows you to quantify precise consumption per vehicle, how much fuel was needed for the individual projects and many other functions. Of course, other Adam modules can also be added.

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Modules from the case study

It is ideal to have a package of modules for the proper operation of the Vehicle module.

If you want to have a fully automated overview of your fleet, these modules are necessary to ensure all the functions. The individual modules also have an overlap into other areas, such as human resources, workplace safety and many others.

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Recommended hardware

List of all recommended components for the correct operation of the module.

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Workplace preparation

What we need to have in the workplace before starting to install a module:

  • All vehicles
  • GPS
  • Mobile phone
  • RFID badge for each employee


Adam guards all our buildings and I can no longer imagine working without it. Thanks to Adam, we can control the safety of workers and the economy of all workplaces.


Adam guarded our construction site equipment during the repair of Gagarin Bridge in Český Těšín. By using Adam, we enjoyed significant savings on security services, and the system worked at 100% without problems for the entire period.

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