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Workplace diary
Workplace diary
Workplace diary

I am a 'paperless manager' for every workplace.

This module saves time, energy and nature.

Today, digitization is a necessity for companies. Automation of production and processes is a matter of course. Cloud data storage is a secure solution and applications are a modern means of communication inside and outside the company. All this, of course, online.

Workplace diary

You will have complete documentation of all records for the project, workplace or individual subcontractors stored with me, sorted as you require.

Data from the Workplace Log is used as a basis for other mandatory legislation. I collect all workplace documentation, the construction log, drawings, protocols, etc., in one place. I inform you about all events at the workplace you select. I can ensure the collection of events of interest.

Case studies

Field workplace log module

Effective management and archiving of workplace activities, including project economy, is possible thanks to the modern technology used by this module.

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Modules from the case study

The workplace diary can be ideally used in combination with other Adam modules.

In the Vehicle module, I automatically make trip log records, archive Documents; in the People module, I organise employees and outputs with one click.

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Files for download

Recommended hardware

List of all recommended components for the correct operation of the module.

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Workplace preparation

What we need to have in the workplace before starting to install a module:

  • Mobile phone, tablet, notebook or PC


Adam guards all our buildings and I can no longer imagine working without it. Thanks to Adam, we can control the safety of workers and the economy of all workplaces.


Adam guarded our construction site equipment during the repair of Gagarin Bridge in Český Těšín. By using Adam, we enjoyed significant savings on security services, and the system worked at 100% without problems for the entire period.

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