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I bring together all your mobile refuelling stations and give you a perfect on-line overview.

The tank refuelling logistics are effective thanks to the Fuel and Lubricants module.


I stop fuel dispensing if I am set for this, or stop the engine automatically if the fuel level in the tank is low. I do not allow diesel to be refilled into the gas engine.

I record specific locations where refuelling took place. I allow fuel dispensing only to authorised persons and to authorised vehicles.

I authorise and measure the dispensing of any liquids (fuel, AdBlue, water, etc.). I require information about the vehicle's mileage or engine hours when refuelling.

I allow an authorised person to start refuelling remotely via the application for any person who performs refuelling. I allow an authorised person to select the terminal equipment and make a smart selection of the vehicle without the need for identification with a badge. I send information about the minimum fuel level set by you to an authorised person.

Case studies

Case studies

Fuel and Lubricants in remote workplaces

The workplace economy is a key indicator for the project calculation. In the Fuel and Lubricants module, we count on refuelling accuracy, the current prices of liquids (diesel, petrol, AdBlue, water, etc.), the consumption of individual machines, etc. It is also important to ensure unlimited refuelling at remote workplaces, so our mobile gas stations and Bencalors in combination with my Adam modules are able to ensure smooth operation anywhere in the world.

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Modules from the case study

Thanks to the connection of the Fuel and Lubricants module with other modules, we ensure workplace security that does not hinder the implementation of the order.

Machines or even the entire fuel tank never run out of fuel. With the use of all modules, it is possible to ensure that diesel fuel in the machines in a remote workplace is not lost and dispensing can also be permitted remotely without the physical presence of a responsible person.

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Recommended hardware

List of all recommended components for the correct operation of the module.

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Workplace preparation

What we need to have in the workplace before starting to install a module:

  • Paved area for Bencalor placement
  • 230 V power supply
  • RFID badge for each employee
  • Camera pole
  • Vehicle/machine
  • Tank for liquids with any volume for remote workplaces
  • 9,000-litre tank for liquids, any location
  • 24,000-litre tank for liquids
  • Accurate measurements, identification of location, person, machine


Adam guards all our buildings and I can no longer imagine working without it. Thanks to Adam, we can control the safety of workers and the economy of all workplaces.


Adam guarded our construction site equipment during the repair of Gagarin Bridge in Český Těšín. By using Adam, we enjoyed significant savings on security services, and the system worked at 100% without problems for the entire period.

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