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A unique Catering module for companies, schools and suppliers of catering

Our Catering module can be both a simple menu and a complex order consisting of soup, main course, side dish, their size, salad and other ingredients. The system is convenient for diners, kitchens and companies and offers a higher standard of modern catering.

Catering system

The Adam Catering system can comprehensively manage operations such as corporate canteens, schools and retirement homes. This module is also appreciated by food suppliers for its simplicity.

There is no need for demanding records of orders, as billing for diners is simple, accurate and on-line. The kitchen also receives accurate and on-line information on requirements for the amount of food. Orders can be made in the system via a mobile phone, tablet or PC, or using the touch display at the site. Meals are charged automatically to the diner’s account. Changes or cancellations of orders are made simply according to the pre-set criteria of the catering supplier. If the catering supplier permits, diners are offered the possibility to change the side dish or reduce its amount. Thus, there is no waste of food. The system also offers the organisation of food carriers and eco-packaging to avoid excessive use of disposable packaging.

Follow-up modules

The Catering module can be connected to other Adam modules. Thanks to this, you get a perfect system, for example, for HR management.

The operating economy will be created automatically and the outputs will be exported directly to accounting or other systems according to your requirements.

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