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Do you have a unique remote workplace that you are trying to secure? I have a solution for you. MCT – a mobile camera tower located on a trailer. This camera system, which consists of four cameras and one speaker together with the hardware necessary for the operation and transmission of the signal to the security centre and to the secured server, ensures security guarding of the workplace.

The entire guarded area is covered by cameras with advanced video-analysis, with a speaker providing sound. If motion is detected by the camera, the image is analysed and the security centre is notified.  If the object is violated or the movement of unauthorised persons is detected in its immediate vicinity, it is possible to speak with the location on-line via an IP speaker. The system can record events with the possibility of automatic notification of a responsible person or the security control centre. After a thorough analysis by the worker of the security centre and evaluation of the situation, a response group is sent to perform an on-site intervention in order to minimise damage and detain offenders. Solar panels make this solution an ideal mobile surveillance centre. The mobile camera tower can be transported to various locations according to the customer's needs after the necessary training.

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